March Snow Madness // Madison

I've decided that the only time I'll welcome snow in March is when it's as pretty as this past weeks snowfall was. The kind that sits on the branches of trees perfectly and looks like it could be the inside of a snow globe. Madison and I took a little adventure into the snow covered park to take some photos. Have a look and see for yourself.

wall city, usa.

In April I was in Orlando, Florida. One of the things I love about Florida is how colourful every building is. Despite my almost entirely black wardrobe I actually love bright colourful things a whole lot more. Especially in my photos.

One photo of a colourful wall suddenly turned into more than that, and the next thing I knew I had over ten to choose from when posting a multiple picture post on Instagram. What I didn't really expect though was that people would love the colourful walls as much as I did.

So I continued to do ten photo posts a day of colourful walls I would find on each individual day. Then I continued it (not as daily but I tried) in Nashville, Tennessee in June.

Here is some of my favourite ones.